Mission Statement

The MSA Bazaar Committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of the yearly MSA Bazaar which has been in existence for over 100 years. The funds raised are put towards capital projects not covered by the schools operating budget and are identified with the assistance of the Home and School Association and also works closely with them to ensure that the core values of the school are being translated into every element of the event.

The role of the Committee is to not only ensure the success of the Bazaar, but to also encourage and facilitate the development of long lasting relationships between the parents, staff, students and alumni of MSA.

The Bazaar is much more than just a fund raising effort; it is a fantastic opportunity to show our children
the great works that can be accomplished when we work collectively as a community towards a common goal.

The Committee is dedicated to organizing an event that encompasses best practice examples of respect, faith
and family and the important roles they play in our everyday success, The planning, coordination and implementation, of the Bazaar is a huge undertaking, and a great deal of assistance from the MSA community is needed in order for the event to be successful.

The Committee remains open to the ideas of all and would like everyone to know there are many ways they can participate in this, a longstanding MSA tradition.