How Can I Help?

Putting together a two day event requires lots of teamwork, coordination, and collaboration. Special skillsets are not required for many of the functions, and we encourage parents to each find their own special niche by speaking with other parents, stall managers and of course Bazaar committee members.

Here are overviews of the respective areas and what each job entails.

Food Stalls
Working at a food stall does not necessarily mean that you have to prepare food. The main refreshments area is located in the junior lunch room and consists of two parts- food and beverages. These are two distinctly different functions, with one serving food and the other just beverages. Each of these has a separate manager. Neither of these takes cash- tickets are sold in a separate area just outside of where they are located.

All areas that sell food and beverages require assistance with set-up (before) and breakdown (after) the event, so if you’d rather not assist during the actual event this is an ideal role for you.


This area consists of folks that take orders and serve food, actual cooks and those who elect to assist with set-up and take down. There is an enormous amount of work involved with the set-up of this area and work begins several days before. This is one area where assistance is needed desperately.
2017 Manager Keith McQue
Co-Manager Needed

This area is responsible for the sale of all cold beverages including water, soda and juices. The team makes sure the coolers are kept stocked and beverages cool and ready for sale. They take orders and tickets from customers and provided them with beverages selected.
2017 Manager Jenny Ruzicska

Set-Up + Breakdown (formerly called construction)
We’ve changed the name of this function primarily because parents thought they needed to have construction skills to assist, and for the most part they don’t. Physically erecting and taking down the stalls and electrical required for the Bazaar is an enormous task and we can never have too many volunteers in this area. Work starts well before the Bazaar (this years set-up will be October 5-8) and occurs in the evenings, with the exception of final touches that are done the Saturday morning. Dinner and beverages are provided for the crews.
Breakdown begins at 9pm on the second night of the Bazaar and most of the work happens between then and 1 am. The remainder of the work is completed on the Sunday morning.
The 2017 manager is Tereza Rodrigues (who was brave enough to come back after the first year), who is supported by Paul Rodrigues and Luis Martins, her co-managers.

After many years of dedicated service, Eddie Cabral our electrical manager will be handing over the reigns. This is a critical position that requires skill and electrical know-how. We desperately need someone to replace him. He does the work of many and will be a hard act to follow. Please contact Tereza if you can assist.

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream and Coffee
These food stalls operate independently of the main refreshments area, which means they handle their own cash and do not take the tickets sold by the ticket booth. Those wishing to volunteer for any of these should know that if you prefer not to actually handle food, you can always assist by topping up supplies, handling cash and taking orders.

2017 Managers


Cotton Candy
Marcy King + Kerry Judd

Ice Cream
Jacqui Cardoso

Bake Stall + Kitchen

The bake stall is where all of the delicious baked goods donated by our parents are sold. Those working in the bake stall are responsible for taking orders, handling cash, packaging and displaying the baked goods.

The kitchen is where all the magic happens!! Bermuda’s best malasadas are made fresh daily and the sweet smell of this awesome treat floats out the door and through the courtyard! For those that wish to assist in the kitchen there’s lots to do- some fry, some sugar, some knead and some wash dishes.
2017 Manager Christine Rodrigues & Co-manager is


Kiddyland is located in the upper level of the school in St. Joseph’s Courtyard and consists of a games section and photo area. There are generally 8 games booths and a small slide and a prize booth that need to be manned. This is a high volume area that caters to the younger audience and tends to be a fun area to work in for those who enjoy working with our younger customers.
2017 Managers are Sonia Rymon-Lipinski and XXXX

The photo area is a favourite and caters to customers of all ages. Many of our students have a tradition of getting group photos taken every year. Assistance is needed taking tickets, printing pictures and packaging them.
2017 Manager Anna Machado

Game Stalls

There are lots of opportunities to win great prizes at any of our game stalls. For those that elect to work at a game stall, you will be expected to take cash, explain the rules of the game and distribute prizes when warranted. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re stall is looking spiffy and you have an ample supply of prizes displayed. Last year we rolled  out a new game – electronic Skee Ball and it was a huge hit! If you’re interested in helping out with this exciting addition, please contact Jackie or Helen Stirling they can use a hand managing the lines.

Other Game Stalls

  • Yahtzee Michael + Colleen Sinclair
  • Bean Can Knock Becky Wescom + Laura Smith
  • Megawire NEW Laura Blee-DeFrias + Steven Blee
  • Tic-Tac-Toe XXX + XXXX
  • Darts Tamara Lewis
  • Plinko Sophia Mederios + Marissa Santos
  • Wheel of Fortune Frank Powell & Trinette Weikl
  • Skee Ball Jackie & Helen Stirling
  • Balloon Buster Bonnie Wells + Heather Mello

Super Slide

The Super Slide is a favourite with kids of all ages- including some of the Bazaar team! Lots of hands are needed to make things run smoothly. Someone sells tickets, someone manages the sometimes massive lines and a few folks are there to make sure the safety rules are followed. Reach out and see how you can help. 

2017 Manager Krystle DeSilva


Class Stalls

Every year grades 9-12 are assigned stalls that they are responsible for. Each class selects and paints their own design, and are required to work at their class stall. The homeroom teachers for these classes are gracious enough to act as stall managers for these. We do require additional adult supervision at these, as students are not allowed to handle cash.

2016 Stall Assignments
Roll-a-Ball Grade 9
Maximum Archery Grade 10
Hit the Jackpot Grade 11
Dunking Stool Grade 12

Sale Stalls

We also have several areas that are responsible for the sale of goods. You don’t have to be a professional salesperson to work in any of these stalls, a smile and willingness to help is all that is needed!

The Plant Stall features locally grown plants, shrubs, trees and clippings donated by parents, local farmers and nurseries. There are always some great deals to be had here. Calling all green thumbs for donations…. even little sprouts are welcome.
2017 Managers Tony + Pam Amaral

Second Hand Rose/ Treasures

Is an eclectic mix of donations that range from DVD’s and kitchenware to the occasional gorilla suit and tie. There is a lot of set-up required for this stall as items need to be sorted, priced and displayed for sale. Kathy needs to take this year off, so we desperately need someone to step in. Don’t forget to start clearing out the cupboards and looking for new or gently used items that can be donated.

2017 Manager Janet Laing


Sale Items + Balloons

Over the past two years we’ve started to slowly grow the variety of items offered for sale in what was previously known as the balloon stall. We still offer some really cool balloons, but it was time to expand and broaden our offerings.

2017 Manager Vicky Smith and co-manager Nichola Cunha.